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Seal Dubai can help with your mortgage registration needs. Dubai law states that for a mortgage to be legally valid, it must be registered with the Dubai Land Department (‘DLD’). It also states that if such property agreements are not registered with the Department, then they are considered void. These rules are set out in Article 7 of Law No. 14 of 2008 - Concerning Mortgages in the Emirate of Dubai.

To ensure that your mortgage and property transfer or purchase in Dubai is considered legitimate and legal, therefore, you clearly need to follow all relevant legislation currently in force. Law No. 14 also states that both mortgage parties, as well as any guarantor, must sign the mortgage application. Furthermore the application needs to include the following: the value of the property; the amount of the debt; the mortgage terms; and the personal details of the mortgage parties and any guarantor. You will note that Law 14, as mentioned, refers to documents such as the mortgage application and the DLD’s standard mortgage contract form. In practice, all you will need to do is sign the standard DLD form and register the mortgage with the Department. You do not need a separate application form. While going through this process, you will need to pay the Dubai Land Department transfer fees to ensure your transfer is legally registered. While there are a large number of restrictions on mortgages in Dubai, the DLD has tried to ease these recently. Measures include, for example, allowing mortgage lenders to sign the contract at their own office, negating the requirement to attend the Land Department’s offices. The law can change quickly, though, so it pays to seek expert advice before entering into any transaction.

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