Registration Trustee Dubai

Registration Trustee Dubai Services

Registration Trustee Dubai services are invaluable to clients looking to invest in the Emirate's booming property market. As there are numerous such Trustees across Dubai, and many are open late into the evening, there is new potential for clients to be able to complete property transactions and transfers quickly and easily.

Registration trustees in Dubai provide customers with a variety of services such as trusteeship, registration mortgage and Ejarah compliance services as well as liaising with all parties and receiving the necessary Dubai Land Department transfer fees. A registration trustee can transfer ownership interest and return a new title deed to you in as little as 30 minutes. This allows you to register the land or property transfer between an authority and individual, or vice versa. They can also provide registration mortgage services. With this service, a trustee can register a transferred mortgage on a deferred sale. This happens when a mortgage is transferred from an authority or a bank to a third party. Finally, another set of services that a Registration Trustee can provide is an Ejarah mortgage trustee service. The Ejarah mortgage service allows customers to request the registration of a finance lease contract. This is done through the registration of the Ejarah contract between the bank or other financier and the landowner. It facilitates the property owner receiving finance by guaranteeing his land reverts to the financier if the buyer defaults; but otherwise, transferring the ownership to the buyer once all payments are made.

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