Dubai Land Department Title Deed Fees

Dubai Land Department Title Deed Fees - Important Advice About Title Deeds

Dubai Land Department title deed fees are routinely charged when you need to obtain or transfer the deeds for a property. These documents form your contract of purchase or tenancy. There are many aspects to purchasing or renting property in Dubai, and not least of these is ensuring the paperwork is in order. But what does a property title deed in Dubai look like?

The Dubai Land Department is responsible for providing the owner with the title deed to a property and to transfer the ownership names on the deed. A property’s title deed is important for buyers, sellers and renters in the property market. It lets all parties know who exactly owns and is responsible for the land or building in question. Dubai Land Department transfer fees are payable to acquire this and on any registered property transfer. Some title deeds look a little different to others. As such, you should take proper advice to check the deed and the information on it is all correct and up to date. As well as being important for property owners, all tenants are also required to have a copy of their title deed. They will need this to organise Ejari, which records tenancy contracts in Dubai. Factors to check include ensuring the correct property address has been added, i.e. where you are purchasing or renting. Make sure to photograph and note the DEWA tag so that there is no confusion about this at a later stage. Next, make sure that the title deed notes the correct names of the parties involved, as well as that of any landlord if the property is being rented. These should be checked against valid passports for security.

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