Dubai Land Department Registration Fee

Dubai Land Department Registration Fee And Its Administration

Dubai Land Department registration fee is charged on registering the sale, purchase and transfer of property and investment interests in property in Dubai. The fee is levied by the Dubai Land Department (the DLD), the agency which was set up by the Emirates government to facilitate the sale of property in Dubai to investors and buyers.

If you wish to register a title deed to a property in Dubai or transfer ownership of one, you need to pay the relevant Dubai Land Department transfer fees. Previously, this administration was carried out only at the Land Department’s own offices, during routine office hours. However, this proved inconvenient for many. In an effort to encourage compliance with the various property laws and regulations, the Registration Trustee service was established. These nominated and approved companies can provide all the relevant services for you, satisfying all your property and mortgage registration needs without you having to attend the Land Department offices. The new system was established in 2013, and allows for the execution and completion of the client’s (owners or investor) transactions outside the working hours of the DLD, via offices licensed through the DLD for property transfer. The system helps to speed up the process of property transactions and allows users to access the same information as government agencies for registered properties. As well as facilitating the entry and processing of data, it assists to ensure that records are as accurate as possible. Any appointed Trustee must be a UAE national who is legally qualified to do so. As the work of the Registration Trustee is licensed and monitored, you can be assured that they will fully comply with all Dubai property laws and charges.

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