Real Estate Transfers

Real Estate Transfers In Dubai – How Registration Trustees Assist

Real estate transfers, sales and purchases in Dubai have historically been governed by a seemingly complex set of legal requirements, rules, levies, charges and taxes. These are all administered by the Dubai Land Department, the government wing responsible for managing and regulating the Emirate's property market.

The laws of ownership and laws which regulate “off-plan” property ownership and buying and selling, as well as flipping, are becoming better regulated and today are very well established. It has become easier to negotiate property transfer laws whilst purchasing property in Dubai with a simplified application of standard rates and charges which are levied on purchases and sales. While it might be possible in theory to navigate these options yourself, real estate transfer and Registration Agents are much better placed to do the hard work for you. These individuals or companies are trusted citizens of Dubai with the proper legal training to carry out the work necessary and specifically approved by the Dubai Land Department for real estate transfer and other property issues. Not only do they bring their expertise to benefit the purchaser or the seller of Dubai property, they have also been able to offer considerable time savings to clients undergoing the process. Property law in Dubai previously required individuals to attend the DLD offices in person to sign the paperwork, by appointment and in usual office hours. Now, clients can take advantage of Registration Trustees’ services in a variety of locations across Dubai, often out of hours, and have some transactions completed in as little as 30 minutes. This has considerably speeded up the process of buying and selling land and buildings in the emirate.

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