Dubai Land Registration Fees

Dubai Land Registration Fees - Buying Off-Plan With Confidence

Dubai Land Registration fees are applicable when buying existing property or when purchasing off-plan. There are great opportunities for lucrative long-term investment opportunities in off-plan real estate in Dubai. The market today is more regulated than ever before, allowing investors to purchase with greater confidence.

The clear majority of properties available for purchase in Dubai today are new-builds. The market is strong and the situation is ripe for investors to make off-plan purchases on the Dubai property market with confidence. Previous market slowdowns, coupled with large amounts of stock being held by developers, means that investors face much better odds of completing off-plan purchases at lower prices today. Developers are also being more creative and flexible with both pricing and payment plans in order to secure more sales and a greater turnover in property transfer. Prices might not stay at these lower, more competitive levels over the longer term as construction continues apace and valuations are being gradually driven up again with increasing demand. As with any market, it is important to make your purchase as early as possible during the market's development. This is when prices are at their most competitive. There are commonly several projects coming onto the market at once, which give the investor a slew of fantastic options for return on investment. When buying off-plan, though, there are a number of factors to take into account, above and beyond the purchase price of the property, as with any such transaction. These include additional costs such as Dubai Land Department transfer fees, which should be carefully calculated and built into your budget.

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