Dubai Land Department Registration Fees

Dubai Land Department Registration Fees For Ejara Property

Dubai Land Department registration fees are charged on a variety of property transactions in the Emirate. One of these is Ejara property services. Ejari is an online portal that serves to record all rental and lease to own contracts in Dubai. Here is a brief guide and what you need to know.

Ejari was initiated by RERA, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, and came into force from 14 March 2010. Its primary purpose is to put the tenant-landlord relationship on a proper footing by requiring both parties to centrally record details of rental or lease agreements. This was as a result of years of difficult issues between landlords and tenants. Lease or rental agreements not recorded on the Ejari system will not be subject to the protection of any other regulatory authority in Dubai. There are various types of Ejara registration that can be recorded and each requires official documentation to support it. One common scenario is to facilitate easier and more effortless property transfers and real estate deals between a buyer and their financier, so the owner obtains full ownership of the property after completing instalment payments. To participate in an Ejara deal, you will need the original property deed as well as Emirati Identification. This serves as proof of citizenship and residence. You’ll also need the ‘no-objection certification’ from the developer, and copies of documents such as the certificate of sales agreement and a letter from the bank or lender involved. To navigate the complex Ejara lease-to-own rental and property transfer system, always operate via a property services company which can help you meet all the necessary criteria. You will also need to ensure you pay all Dubai Land Department transfer fees.

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