Registration of Ejara that ends with ownership contract between the property buyer and a financing entity by which all payments are collected from the buyer to the financing entity and ends with the buyer owning the property.

documents Required Documents

  1. Original Title Deed
  2. NOC from the property developer
  3. MOU  (Sales Agreement)
  4. Ejara Letter from the bank stating the Ejara value, start and end.
  5. Clear and not colored copies of Seller and Buyer passports (Valid) or Emirates IDs    
  6. Citizen (The number of dossier + Copy of nationality)
  7. Non citizen (Pick the Arabic name from the residency or the NOC, and pick the English name from the passport).

standard fees Standard Fees

For Seller:

2% of the selling value

For Buyer:

2% of the selling value + the following:

Title Deed:


Map issue fees:

(Depending on the property type)

Knowledge Dirham:

10 for each fee

standard fees Service Fees

– 4,000 Dirham if the value of the property is equal or more than 500,000 Dirham
– 2,000 Dirham if the value of the property is less than 500,000 Dirham