This service allows customers to register the sale and purchase (total / partial) through the purchase of land or real estate or property units provided that they meet the applicable purchase conditions in Dubai Land Department and Government of Dubai.

documents Required Documents

For Individuals:

    • Original Title Deed
    • Original NOC
    • (MOU) Sales Agreement
    • Clear and not colored copies of Seller and Buyer passports (Valid)

CITIZEN: (The number of the dossier + Copy of the nationality paper)
NON CITIZEN: (Pick the Arabic name from the residency or from the NOC, and pick the English name from the passport)

For Company:

  1. Company Trade License (Original and Copy), Owner’s passport (Original & copy)
  2. Original of Power of Attorney and a copy (to mention the type of sell or buy) + copy of the sponsor’s passport

A limited liability company (LLC) to always ask about the names of owners (shareholders)

  1. Company Trade License + family booklet (original & copy)
  2. Certificate of incumbency
  3. Memorandum of Association (original + copy and to be translated into Arabic if necessary) the sell must be mentioned, otherwise:
    • All owners to be present
    • Board of Directors decision and to be signed by all parties of the license
    • Power of Attorney approved by all parties
    • If there is a manager (to make sure of the manager’s authority for sale in the Memorandum of Association)
    • If one of the parties of the license is a minor, a letter must be provided from the court or from the minors affairs
    • In the case of company-owned, all mentioned above documents for each individual company must be provided
    • If the property in an unauthorized area for foreigners, the company must be owned 100% by citizens
    • If the company is in the GCC countries, the company must be owned 100% by citizens
    • if the company is off shore
    • if it is not in the Emirate of Dubai, it must be registered in Jafza Jebel Ali
    • The Trade License
    • Memorandum of Association (To be translated into Arabic)
    • Incumbency certificate must be presented
    • good record certificate
    • In the case of company-owned, approval of Dubai Land department must be obtained and all documents for each individual company must be provided
    • If it is a persons-owned company, Land Department approval is not required, but an NOC from Jafza is a must
    • in case of power of attorney (general or specific) to sell, it is a must to make sure of:

      − Type of sell, transport or transfer of the real estate or assets or property or non-movable funds in the authorization must be mentioned
      − If the authorization is issued from the Seller to the Buyer and the property is to be registered under the Buyer name (Sell-to-Own is to be mentioned in the authorization)
      − Authorization of authorization is not accepted, even when it is mentioned in the first authorization, 2 sale processes to be registered without NOC and that to be mentioned in the Remarks.
      − Authorization to last for 2 years only, and to be renewed in Dubai Courts
      − In case of authorization from the seller, a sale check to be written (Manager Check) under the name of the seller, not the authorized person even if it is mentioned in the authorization, or under the name of the bank if the property is mortgaged to the bank in order to release the property mortgage.
      − To verify the last page of the authorization to make sure of the expiry of the authorization
      − To be translated and attested if it is not in Arabic, and to be attested from the UAE embassy in the related country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE
      − Authorization from a minor is not accepted (under 21), NOC of Sale from Dubai Courts or Minor Affairs is accepted
      − If it is an authorization to sell a land, the original is to be taken
      − If the authorization is in Arabic & English, the Arabic version is to be applied

standard fees Standard Fees

For Seller:

2% of the selling value

Innovation Dirham Fees Seller:

Dhs. 10

For Buyer:

2% of the selling value + the following:

Innovation Dirham Fees Buyer:

Dhs. 30

Title Deed:


Map issue fees:

(Depending on the property type)

Knowledge Dirham:

10 for each fee

standard fees Service Fees

– 4000 Dirham if the value of the property is equal or more than 500,000 Dirham
– 2000 Dirham if the value of the property is less than 500,000 Dirham

In case of partial sell, Ameen registration fees are as follows:
– Free of charge if the value of sell is less than a million (1000000) Dirham
– 4000 Dirham if the value of the sell is more than a million (1000000) dirham