Ejari Registration

This service aims to register on the Ejari platform and register lease contracts for companies and institutions in the Emirate of Dubai, where the Seal Real Estate Registration Office apply the service within 7 working minutes

documents Required Documents

  • The original tenancy Contract. (Unified tenancy contract).
  • Applicant’s original Emirates ID.
  • Copy of owner’s passport with the signature page, or a copy of the Emirates ID (both sides).
  • Copy of the Map or the title deed certificate (in case the owner’s name is different from the system, or the owners are the heirs), or if there is no land plot number in the contract.
  • A copy of the trade license if the tenant/ Owner is a company. For new companies, the initial approval application is required with submission of their trade name approval application.
  • A copy of the passport with the residence visa page and the Emirates ID of the tenant if the tenant is an individual.
  • Power of attorney is required in case the contract is signed by Power of attorney. If the POA from outside the UAE, it must be certified by the UAE Foreign Ministry in the UAE. In addition to that is a copy of the attorney Person’s passport with the signature page or a copy of his ID and copy of the resident visa page

                        standard fees Land Department Fees:

                        • 177.75 AED

                        standard feesRegistration Trustee Fees:

                        • 42 AED with 5% VAT