Real Estate Transfer

Real Estate Transfer – Reasons To Buy An Investment Property In Dubai

There are many reasons why people are interested in real estate transfer in Dubai, including those who are looking for a property for investment purposes. Below, we will reveal the many benefits of buying an investment property in Dubai.

  • Growing population – The first benefit of property transfer in Dubai is that there is a growing population. People from all over the globe are coming to Dubai so they can search for more business opportunities and improve their career.
  • High rental return – Of course, when buying an investment property, you will be interested in the potential rental income you can make. You can expect to make a rental yield up to 10 per cent on average in the best performing areas of Dubai. When you compare this with the 3.21 per cent average in London and the 3.91 per cent average in New York, you see just how well the rental market is performing in Dubai.
  • Low acquisition cost – When compared with other real estate capitals across the globe, acquisition cost in Dubai is a lot lower. In London, you will pay around six times as much for the same square foot in Dubai.
  • Huge range of options – Another benefit associated with Dubai property transfer for investment purposes is the fact that you have a huge assortment of options to choose from.
  • Growing economy – Last but not least, the economy has consistently been growing and will continue to do so. This is vital, as when you invest your money in real estate, you are not merely investing in the property itself, but you are also investing in the economy of the country.

When you consider the five points mentioned above, it is not difficult to see why Dubai real estate transfer is ideal for anyone looking for a great investment opportunity.